Saturday, December 01, 2012

Inspiration / Last week on campus

What's up!!!

This is a post where I squeeze in both my current inspirations as well as a recap of the last week of school. Good/bad move? Guess we'll see!

How fucking RAD is's hat??? He wore it in the MV of Britney's new single: Scream and Shout. I didn't really enjoy the song... But his hat was amazing!!!!!

Yeah...I want that vest. Where do I buy it????? It is absolutely gorgeous! I'm really starting to love winter wear. Everything I've dreamed of wearing in Singapore, I can wear here and not look ridiculous. But since Victoria is pretty small, the people dress pretty meh! So, I might still look ridiculous after all...


Last week of school of the fall term is ALWAYS the best last week of school. Even though there are crazy ton of assignments to submit, we always have Santa dropping by for a visit. Sometimes with a tree, sometimes with a horse on a carriage, together with free hot chocolate, cookies, and candy canes. Well, they say, "the best things in the world are free!" ;) All that talk just because I snapped a picture with Santa! Say cheese!!!

Playing with photobooth, and my ribbon! 

Another school term has come to an end. I'm now exactly in the middle of my second year. Time flies... It was just like yesterday I was moving into my room! Now that classes are out, it's time I study really hard for the finals. I want to go on exchange to the UK, and I would need a B average to be able to do so. I should study really hard, cross my fingers, and hope that I get to go!!!

While I should be studying now, I am tidying up my room. Just packing all my clothes that are lying around, and clearing up my crazy messy desk! I am also currently sulking about the fact that I am unable to travel alone to the U.S. this year. Mr Chin back in Singapore doesn't allow it, and will not let it happen........ His logic: "Let's dump Candice alone in Canada to fend for herself, and let her learn to be independent! But no, she cannot travel to the U.S. alone, because it's too dangerous. " San Fran... I wish I could be there, but I'm sorry I can't :( So this year end, I will be celebrating Christmas in Vancouver! Which actually doesn't sound all that bad either! :)

In other not so new news, I can't wait for the exams to be over, and for Christmas to be here!


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