Monday, December 03, 2012

Sad Eyes


I have spent almost 3 days trying to pack my room - which isn't very much cleaner than before. Be prepared, for I am going to show you pictures of me being extremely vain (courtesy of photobooth).

That was some anti-smoking campaign hand sign. And for some weird reason, I liked it.....LOL.

The main reason I drew my eyeliner differently was because I saw some girl on the bus earlier last week with this particular eyeliner shape, and I really LIKED it. I really really did! So much so I immediately changed the way I drew my eyeliner the next day. I kinda exaggerated the shape a little more. So that my eyes are still damn black, just elongated.....and slightly sad.

It makes me look slimmer I hope x. Half a post on eyeliner............... Well done Cand.

Zara outerwear.

Today's outfit details!!! Finally an #ootd on the blog... But I cheated and used photobooth instead of a proper camera! Heh! Anyhow, this Zara outerwear was bought in Singapore almost 4 years ago, and I wore it to my trip to Italy/France/London... After that, I never really wore it anymore - until today. I am going out in this beaut. It deserves more love, and that is exactly what I am going to give it!

I WANT TO GO TO LONDON. Pretty. Damn. Badly!!!!!!!!!! Look at the picture! How could you not want to go??? Btw, the picture is by my amazing dad who went to London in June, 2012. I MUST apply for the student exchange in my third year. Note to self: Apply by January 25, 2013, and please don't procrastinate!!! I'm unsure if I should go during Fall or Spring, but I think I am leaning more towards Fall 2013. Which means, once summer school is over, I will fly to London - WHAT UP!!! And I will meet all my friends who are studying in the UK! I don't care! #mustmeeteverybodythere

If I get to go to London, 2013 is going to be freaking amazing!!! It will be a year of traveling. Canada - US (trip with family + the boyfriend) - Singapore (home - duhhh) - Hong Kong (hopefully / stopover) - Canada - UK (crossing my fingers.) - Canada. I am going to travel the shit out of Europe. I am so going back to Italy and Paris. Any travel partners???

But before all that planning, I need to ace my finals... I need a B average..................which I don't have because last year I wasn't serious about school. Oh and I need to apply for a work permit so I can earn some money in Canada and use it to buy air tickets! WHAT UP! CAN'T WAIT!

THE PLAN IS PERFECT. I just need to execute it. Let's roll!!!

This post has so much in it... but it was created mainly for "sad eyes". I guess I digressed pretty badly. Hahahaha! Oh by the way, happy December everyone!!!


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