Friday, December 14, 2012

I want to do well!

Hello blog,

I'm sorry I have been neglecting you! I've just been studying a lot for my finals these past few days! It has been pretty crazy (or cray cray as some of you might have it), studying everyday at the library from 5pm - midnight. We should have a 24 hour library!

(just kidding, I am a nerd at heart)

Anyway, I have an exam later at 7pm (I know, what kinda timing is that!!!). So, why am I here?

BECAUSE, I finally got a grade to one of my courses (I took the final on the last day of class) and I AM VERY HAPPY!!! I worked my fucking butt off for that course, and I got a result I am extremely satisfied with! I anticipated my grade to be one grade lower, but fuckyeah A-, WHAT UP!!! THIS FEELING IS AMAZING! That course was a tough course, and the prof was a tough marker (I got 1/5 for one of my quizzes which was worth 5% - not proud of it). So I am really excited about my grade :D My face now: :DDDDDDDDDD

So........ I just wanted to share my happiness! Heheheh! I hope that for the rest of my courses I get equally good marks! I want to do well! I don't wna just get a mediocre passing grade!


Back to reality. Back to studying. So unprepared for the exam later :(

Wish me luck guys!!!


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