Tuesday, January 15, 2013

From la iPhone

1. Sour candy canes - I know!!!!!!! I never thought such things exist. You'd really find strange things in America!
2. UVic's breakfast - the best thing(or things) in the cafeteria.
3. Pho-nomenal (Phenomenal - get it?? Get it??? HAHAHAH!)

4. Tim Hortons - mmmmmmmmmm donuts, and timbits!!!!!! I want some...
5. Victoria's gorgeous Government building!
6. Boy London sweater from Isabel ^^

7. Trying out a new app to combine two pictures!
8. At my friend's place! SOOO Christmas-y!!!
9. Again, the Government Building - up close this time.

10. With my fucking delicious shio ramen at Santouka Ramen in Vancouver (along Robson)!
11. Me as a grumpy reindeer...
12. A random misty day in Burnaby!

13. In my Boy!!! I love the sweater ^^
14. Posing in Aberdeen Centre. WADDDDUP!
15. What up Vanc.

16. Prawn mee by my aunt :') The closest to home I've ever felt!
17. On the way to the ferry, the sunshine that day was really good ^^
18. Thankful for these people! They were a big part of my 2012 :)

19. Sushi.......NOMZ
20. My dearest bf did that poster thing for me ^^ SO MUCH LOVE FOR HIM. MUAAAAA!
21. Korean feast!!! If I could, everyday would be like this.

These pictures (mostly via insta) pretty much sum up my 2012! It's in the middle of January already, how's everyone doing so far???


P.S. Insta - cutheties (if you haven't followed already!)

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