Tuesday, January 22, 2013

Things to look forward to in 2013:

1. The family & the boyfriend coming over for a holiday in April-June ^^
2. Le brother starting college in Vancouver in May! I am going to bring him food hunting with me!!!

3. Did I mention holiday already? ;) Can't wait to tour the west coast by car (holy cow), with the boy and my family. It is going to be so damn exciting!!!!! Here are some pictures of what we are probably going to see ^^

Capilano Suspension Bridge, Vancouver

Disneyland, LA California

Sea World, San Diego

Golden Gate Bridge, San Francisco

4. Back home for a month. I miss my city, can't wait to be back!!! 

And I am seriously crossing my fingers and hoping that I get to go to MBS somehow ^^ And USS too! And eat A LOT of good food!!!  

5. Meeting my girlfriends and celebrating our extremely early/belated 21st birthdays together! Since I was pretty bummed out that I can't be there for all their big 21st birthdays (it is a big deal in SG!), they suggested we celebrated it together when I got back in June! I am hoping for Amara, or RWS, I really don't care!!! 

Amara - One Bedroom Villa with a private pool - SAY WHATTT!!!

Festive Hotel - Family room! So cosy^^

6. Possibly Bangkok 2013 

7. Getting my car in July (in Canada, not SG) when I get back to Victoria for summer!!! I think my daddy and I have most likely decided that I am going a Ford Focus! Holy cow, I am so stoked for this! Here's to endless road trips, extreme convenience, and the end of 30 minutes bus waits!!! And Ford Focus' interior looks damn sick too! 

8. Moving out of campus! Yes, I am finally moving out!!! I can't wait to live outside campus with Jin, start cooking my own food (which I will probably dread in a while), decorate my room without worrying about having too many things, going to the bathroom whenever I want to, and not losing things like my retainers when I accidentally drop them somewhere. 

9. End of year trip! I know that 2013 has barely started, but holy crap, I am already looking forward to the end of the year! I am not sure where I might be going yet, but I am certainly super excited! I am so nonsensical, I know... 

10. Turning 21!!! I am going to be 21 this year! Which means, legal in the US of A! What up! ^^ But I'm not so much excited about this than I am for the other stuff listed above!!! Still happy nonetheless!

Although 2013 didn't start out great, but I am SO SO SO stoked for the rest of the year!!! I really can't wait for the Spring semester to be over - hopefully I will end it with great grades! I need nothing lower than Bs. Do well, go on a great holiday with the people I love most, and eat all the great food I can back home in Singapore. I hope everyone else is looking forward to the rest of 2013 too ^^


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