Friday, January 04, 2013

Merry Christmas in Vancouver


This is my first post in 2013!

I am determined to make a change, so I finally decided not to be lazy and it starts by uploading pictures... And documenting my life on my blog with some recently taken pictures. YAY! Christmas was food, shopping, and bright lights, all in one.

On Christmas eve, my aunt made turkey - my very first turkey dinner!!! And it was just so good! I forgot to take pictures, the turkey was huge, and the side dishes were amazing! Super tasty, nothing I didn't like! I even ate the brussel sprouts, which I never thought I'd like! At that moment, I wished my brother were there - he LOVED meat (and he wanted turkey!). 

Anyhow, after dinner, my cousins brought BB and I to Trinity Street. At Trinity Street, Christmas comes alive, in terms of flashing lights, music, and decorations. They host a competition every single year for the best decorated houses along the street! And, I am telling you, these houses take it very seriously. There were so many amazing entries, and the pictures are nothing like what I saw - a fucking beautiful sight. There was music, and santa clauses around to take pictures with people. Wow, the effort they put into all this is just crazy!!! Okay, pix!!!!!

How the residents vote! 

Love the candy cane lane!!!

Can you say effort??? With a capital E! I mean, capital EFFORT!

Hi Santa!!! (And my fucking chubby face.)

Miniature xmas tree lights lane! Uber cute ^^

This tree looks simple in the picture. It was like an LED light display, there was music, the lights kept changing, it was flashing, there were so many patterns and colors! I wish I could upload a video, but the video I took wasn't very nice, unfortunately! 

And that is all for Trinity Street! Please pardon my photography skills! I'm still learning!

On Christmas, I went to Aberdeen Centre - an Asian mall (LOL I was practically in Asia), and it was the only mall open on Christmas day! The other malls, and places downtown were all closed. I bet this never happens in Singapore!!! Hahaha! 

I finally tried dan zai from a Hong Kong food stall there! It was pretty good, I wish one day I will be able to try the real stuff :)

What's up! My very simple Xmas outfit; #ootd! 

At Santouka Hokkaido Ramen, where we ate the most amazing ramen in the world. If anybody wants to come to Vancouver/Victoria to visit me, I will definitely bring you here! Weeeee. #goodfoodforlife #eatuntilshiok

So, that sums up my Christmas and winter break in Vancouver! It was a great food trip (as usual). And I bought a lot of snacks (as usual). I can't wait to go back to Vancouver already! Shopping there is freaking amazing! But, Victoria is going to get her own bit of shops too :) Forever 21 just opened here, and H&M will be coming soon ^^ I hope Zara, and Topshop decide to come too!!! And I will never need a reason to go to Vancouver! (Actually food might just be the reason...) School has started for me, but not everybody else, so I hope everyone is enjoying their breaks right now! :)

How's everybody enjoying their new year? ^^ Have fun, and be safe everyone!


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