Monday, December 31, 2012

Goodbye, 2012


Pictures are in no particular order!

So, it is the end of yet another year!!! As I am in Canada, well, I still have another 10 minutes till 2013. I remember vividly that at this time last year, I was at Times Square in NYC - where I almost froze to my death. This year, I am counting down in a completely different manner. I am in my PJs, in bed (at a friend's place), eating asian tidbits and watching friends. YEAH, SO UNCOOL. I kinda wish that I were in a sparkly dress, at a club or something. But unfortunately, laziness got the better of me, and hence, I am here, typing this entry!

2012 has been a really crazy year of funny faces, food, travel, more food, fun, and love. This year (probably the last time I can say this) I got the opportunity to travel with all my friends, and family. I think in summer alone, I was in and out 4-5 countries. I also got really lucky around food. My bf/friends always take me out to have good food, and good food makes me happy! And I love Asih, who makes the MOST amazing meals ever! I am so looking forward to getting back to Singapore for more Asian food loving! In 2012, my boyfriend and I turned 2! We are turning 3 next year!!! Isn't it amazing? I've been quite a handful, thanks for sticking by me babe! I love you ^^


HEY MR LOH ZY! YOU READING THIS? Happy 32 months!!! WHAT ELSE CAN I SAY??? I love you very very much! XOXO ^^


Another amazing year has passed, and, since the world didn't end, I predict that 2013 is going to be way more awesome!!! There are a ton of stuff I'm looking forward to: the Canada/USA road trip w my family and boyfriend, Jeremy (aka my brother) coming to Vanc for college, getting my own car - in Canada (CANNOT WAIT!!!!!!!!), back home in summer for a month, possibly a UK exchange program in the fall term of 2013 (otherwise Spring/Summer 2014), etc etc. I can't wait!!!!! I hope everything turns out as I have planned! And it will the most amazing year yet!

I also came up with a couple of resolutions - which I really should keep:

1. I want to be more appreciative of the things around me. I don't want to keep taking things or people for granted.
2. To be able to wear whatever I want to, whenever I want to, wherever I want to, and not feel overdressed (or crazy). I always dress down/casual because of the people around me. I need to know that it is not my fault that people don't like to dress up as much as I do! I have too many nice clothes that are always stuck in my cupboard... (refer to quote pix below)
3.  Start reading more often! I have to finish the few books I have in my dorm! And I have a few other books on my mind I really want to get my hands on! (John Green's series of books - I might just get the whole set...)
4. Actually, really start on losing weight. Exercise regularly! No more mindless eating!!!
5. Plan for the UKUKUK - hopefully!
6. When I finally live off campus, learn to cook and take fucking good care of myself.
7. Get rid of my laziness
8. Go on a ton of road trips!!!!!!!!!

Please pardon me for all the words and rambling... 2013 is going to be a fucking good year, I can tell! I'm looking forward to it already! BRING IT ON! Welcoming the new year in bed with friends playing! & I've never felt better! ^^

Goodbye, 2012! I guess I won't be seeing you - ever!


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