Thursday, March 28, 2013


I'm happy now!!!

This week has been going pretty damn well and I'm excited for the extra long weekend! HELLOOOOO Easter!

My team presented yesterday for our project on virtual teams, and I think we did a great job although I stuttered when answering a question (I guess that's okay...). My part was done pretty neat, and my team was erm... freaking awesome?!?! We were the best dressed too! "Stressed, depressed, but always fucking well dressed". We practised a lot so we really just got out there and killed it!

Also, I just received two midterm results - one yesterday night, and one this morning, and I'm so happy because I did so well!

I studied really hard, especially for Math, and I got 37/40! Which was amazing because I left one question blank - I really didn't know how to do it... And it was worth 3 marks. So I basically got a perfect mark for the rest of my paper! (WHAT!!!) And to think I wasn't sure about my last question's answer... I'm more than just satisfied! This pulls my first midterm mark up by so much, and I am so glad I did well. I want an A- in Math, and hopefully that's achievable... I did really bad on my first midterm and my first assignment. I didn't fail, but I didn't do as well as I could have. Or should have... BUT this is a great start!!!

For Organizational behavior (OB/Com 220), I got 20.8/22... Also freaking amazing bcs I remember fucking blanking out in the middle of the exam and I just didn't know how to do this particular question. I was pretty upset after the paper, and I really didn't know how I did even though I did study quite a bit for the paper... So 20.8/22 is fucking precious to me. I am so acing this course with my team right now!!! We got 15/15 for our team charter (What up!!! But the lowest mark was 13...) and our term paper and presentation looks good!!!

My other courses are a little disappointing though... I didn't do very well for my Accounting (Com 270), Marketing (Com 250), and Financial Management (Com 240). I'm just skimming through these courses right now. I don't think I will get a C+ (I have to get at least a C+ for the business minor to count), but really now I'm just in that fine line between C+ and B-... Which is a little disappointing, since I really should be studying a lot harder for them. I want a B+ average for this term!!!

I have a Com 270 quiz to collect tonight, which I am pretty excited about! My finals start in the second week of April (aka fucking soon) and I am freaking the fuck out!!! Yeah, I use "fuck" a little too much nowadays, but whatever.

If you read through everything, I love you. No, seriously! Have a great week!


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