Wednesday, March 20, 2013

Bring it, Summer

I absolutely cannot wait for summer! As much as I love winter fashion, I really can't wait to bare my legs and wear dresses and skirts for summer!!! And crop tops, bright colors too. I also want to go to the beach wearing my new blackmilk swim or a nice bikini, and just soak up in the fucking sun/waddle in the water. I am dreaming of hot weather, but all I have now is a lot wind and a lot of rain. Victoria.....Brighten up okay? :) 

Current countdown: 16 days till school is out; 31 days till finals are over; 41 days till family holiday; 66 days to Singapore, 94 days to Bangkok. 


P.S. Although I love Victoria, I can't wait to be back in Asia. I fucking belong there. 

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