Saturday, April 20, 2013


(Yes, I'm in the library. Yes, I'm super chubzzz)

So close to done!!! In less than 8 hours I'll be done with my paper. I'm excited!

10 days till the family and the bf gets here. They are packing like crazy at home now! Who's bloody excited?!?!? I know I am!!!!! Amuhhhhrica // Roadfuckingtrippin'

This semester has been amazeballs. I've made amazing friends who have been extremely accommodating, and exceptionally lovely to me. That was definitely more than just a group project. We formed a team, and they taught me that I loved hugs more than I know. I'm just hoping for good grades right now, that will really just make this semester my best semester yet in UVic. But I'm not looking forward to getting my grades back, I feel like I will still be getting a C+ :( I hope everything is fine, and all's well with my exams. For now, I'll just study for my last paper, COM 220, and then, PARTY!!!! (nah just kidding, I still have to move out and pack and pack and guess what??? PACK. I already have packing plans for the rest of the weekend and I'm going shopping on Monday ;) CAN'T WAIT!!!!!!!!!!

I ALREADY LOVE YOU SUMMER. Keep up the warmth, Canada! I'm loving it!!! ^^



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