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USA Roadtrip 2013: Part 2

PART 2: Disneyland, Disney Adventure Park, and Universal Studios Hollywood!!!

We woke up in Anaheim, and it was super California-ish. I initially thought the whole palm trees thing was only in Los Angeles, but in Anaheim it was the same thing! Palm trees everywhere! A very pretty sight ^^

Disneyland California has two separate parks, which were both amazing and extremely huge. We did not manage to finish them in two days. We spent a day at each park, and still didn't manage to take pictures with every character (they appear at different timings), neither did we sat on every ride :( But it was seriously the happiest place on earth and I love it! I would totally go back again!!!!!

Here we are posing with Mickey (on the grass) in Disneyland!

Chip and Dale!!! My fellow chipmunk friends ;) 

ZY with his brother, aka Donald Duck. 

It was a dream to see the castle!!! I loved it, it was super gorgeous! The only sad thing is that there were too many people around so it was really hard to take a nice picture... But still it looks stunning!

Tarzan's treehouse! 

Once upon a time, my favorite disney character was Eeyore. I'll always have a special place in my heart for him! I think I've always loved his erratic behavior and crazy mood swings. Either that, or I was suffering depression (just like Eeyore - or so he seemed to be). LOL

POOHHHHH! Super cute I love Pooh teehee!

It's a small world! A big exhibition with a lot of dolls and we were on a boat! It was lovely and everything was very detailedly (is there such a word??) put together. It did get boring after a while though LOL. It's still worth going to.


Spot ZY. He's quite evidently interested in Minnie Mouse's kitchen.... He might be a good house husband. HAHAHAH Just kidding.

Ya, daddy + cuckoo clock at Minnie's house. LOL. He found that super amusing and asked for a pic! Haahhaha Very funny daddy! 

MICKEY!!! But somehow he's kind fake. Where is his red pants?!?!?!?

There was a disney parade and it was amazing!!! Kept shooting non stop! Here's Goofy with Chip (or Dale)

Aladin and Genie ^^

UNDER THE SEA~ UNDER THE SEA~~ Little mermaid!!! My fav princess (I think). I have a trouble deciding which princess I like best. It's a tough fight between Jasmine, Ariel, and Anastasia (is she even a disney princess - okay I just did a search, she is not a Disney princess). HMMM

Although the tower evidently shows that this is Rapunzel's hideout, Rapunzel, Princess Aurora, and Snow White were present!

FAV DISNEY MOVIE EVER. LION KING. Hakuna Matata!!!!!! I used to sing this song all the time in secondary school, and I still am very in love with the song. I also went to the musical twice... Once in London and another time in Singapore. AMAZING nevertheless! 

Peter and Tinkerbell! And there were many more that I didn't take pictures of, or the pictures were blur or something... Which is rather sad :(

LE MAGICAL CASTLE AT NIGHT!!! Isn't it a SUCH pretty sight???

That brings us to the end of day 1 at Disneyland! It was freaking amazing and I finally managed to fulfill my dream of going to Disneyland. I remember when I was younger, I was always annoying my mommy to bring me to Disneyland in Hong Kong or Tokyo... And I'm glad I got to go to Disneyland in Anaheim. Disneyland California was the first every disneyland to be opened/created. Although it does not have a lot of thrilling rides - remember this place if after all for kids and you can go to six flags for that - but I would still strongly recommend everyone to visit this happy place at least once in your lifetime. It was SUCH an experience, I think everyone should go there to bring their inner kid out. It was really the happiest place on earth. Everyone was happy, I was happy! Loved it. Now my dream is to bring my kids there! Hahahaha 

By the next day, my feet were HURTING like a bitch, thanks to my flats which were super FLAT. LOL. I still wore it anyway. We conquered Disneyland Adventure Park!!! Disneyland Adventure Park is more for older kids, the rides were more thrilling but not VERY thrilling or anything. My parents could ride most of the rides. Except Paradise pier, which is the very roller coaster you are seeing in the background of the picture below. 

It looks lame... But seriously, one of the best roller coasters ever!!! Once it starts it doesn't stop. OH NO, it does NOT stop OR slow down when it is on it's way up. Usually roller coasters slow down while going up to create suspense... BUT HELL NO THIS ONE DOES NOT!!! All the way and then upside down and BOOM! You are done with the ride, thank you very much!

Flirting with Donald. TEEHEE. ZY looks genuinely pissed LOL. You know I still love you!!! ;)

LE PARENTS AND I! We caught an Aladdin musical in one of the buildings behind, and seriously I am glad we did! I love Aladdin!!! And princess Jasmine, and GENIE of course!!! The staging was really awesome, and the cast was amazing!

Okay, we saw it here. 

Sat the Hollywood Tower, and it was scary but still bearable. I thought the rocket (or spaceship, I can't remember the name) in Genting was way scarier! But they create suspense while you wait... So that's something really interesting and made the ride scarier than it seems!

That's the Cars ride in the background! I loved the ride too! Even though it was a 50+ min wait... I loved their concept of racing, but its not a go-kart! Our car was racing with the car next to us, but we're on the roller coaster, so we aren't actually driving it... Okay it sounds weird now. LOL But it was fun!

Here's daddy swagging out in his "solid" sunglasses. LOL

So long, Cars land!!! 


Andddddd we were back in Paradise Pier! To catch the more than awesome Colors of the World. A water display - you'll see more pictures later in the post! Be patient! ;)


Does it not look fucking magical?!?!?!? Bcs it does it me!!!

Prepping for the night show! Loving the ferris wheel which lights up and was such a bling display of lights!!!!!!!!

There was music and beautiful fountain displays, and videos (?? Or images projected onto the water)! Zy took a video and my camera died shortly after a few shots. I swear after it died, a part of me died too. But it was such a good display of waterworks and colors and disney characters! My daddy says he regrets not staying. The show was at 9pm at night, and my parents and Uncle Kenny left first. We were there from 10am??? Crazy much?

Balloons from Up!!!

Amazing isn't it??? It ended my day on an extremely high note! After which we went to buy our Disneyland tees - which you will see in the next post!!! I love both Disneyland and Disneyland Adventure Park. I would definitely go back to both parks again. If I ever have the chance! Fucking love you Walt Disney! Idk how you created this idea and all I know is that it is fucking brilliant. 

Following that, we went to Universal Studios Hollywood!!! Because a lady my mommy was talking to told us to! They had the universal studio tours, the Simpsons ride, and the scary haunted house, but everything else was the same - according to zy. I have never been to Universal Studios Singapore, so I enjoyed it! But zy spoilt some of the rides for me. Especially the 4D transformers one! Hahahaha

On the red carpet yo!!!!! 

The Universal Studio tour took us on a ride around places where movie stars filmed at! It was quite an eye opener, and it was really interesting! Below are some pictures - unfortunately I didn't manage to take pictures of the 4D King Kong ride (which was included on the tour) bcs my camera would get wet... And yeah, it was nice looking at what actually goes on behind the scenes. Things you thought were real, actually aren't! Like the buildings in some shows. The guy mentioned that it was only made to look real for the audience who can't really see every single detail on screen!

Some houses from the popular series Desperate Housewives I think.

A plane wreck.

Here we can see Krusty Land! Where the Simpsons ride was at. It freaked me out... The fucking ride. The rides here all had back stories and this one was that a psycho killer was after the Simpsons or the owner of this theme park. And the Simpsons (and us obviously) happened to be there. LUCKY US. 


With the infamous Universal Studios ball. LOL

We had our dinner at Bubba Gump, and seriously it is one of my favorite restaurants up to date!!! I fucking love how they specialize in Shrimp and shellfish. LOVE LOVE LOVE!!!!!! I fell in love when I was here in NYC and now I'm back again! So happy :)

Focus on the FOOD!!! LOL wrong camera settings. I need to brush up on my skills man.

Pasta, fries, burger, salad, and even rice. The rice was a perfect cook, and fucking delicious too! What's not to love! Guess which one is mine. LOL It's all flashy on the left with the big stand and cone cups. ;) 

EH LOOK BIG GUITAR. Let's take a picture with it!!!!! #OKAYCAN

Well, that was the end of my USA trip part 2, where we spent our time in Anaheim! It was simply amazing and I would come back here again. No need to even think about it. I would come back to Disneyland in a heart beat. I'm not too sure about Universal Studios though, because it seems like everything is pretty much alike back home in Singapore. Next post and the last post on my road trip will be on Las Vegas and the majestic Grand Canyon. 

Completely off the track but I'm hungry. Damn. My class isn't till 630pm. And I'm excited! I can collect my car in a couple of days! HOLY COW!!! Cy'all in the next post!!!!!!!!!!


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