Saturday, July 13, 2013

USA Road Trip 2013: Part 1

If you all have been following my instagram, you would have known that my family and boyfriend and I had a great holiday in North America!!! I was SO stoked to have all of them here!

I decided that I would blog again when I saw these pictures, they were too nice to be hiding in my computer!!!

Here's my visual diary of what happened and what went down in Canada and the US of A!!!

So everyone arrived in Vancouver on the 30th of April (I have no pics of the airport) via China Airlines! They had pretty amazing service and I really like their aeroplanes because the seats are 2 by 4 by 2, which means if you sit by the sides, you only sit beside one person! And that makes it a lot more convenient when you want to go to the toilet!

Back to the topic, they came over and we went sight seeing in Vancouver itself! Zheng Yu and I also celebrated our 3rd year anniversary in downtown Vancouver, where we had dinner at The Keg. I'm sorry for the pretty unpleasant night baby :( Basically, I was being bitchy and whiney about everything. But we got over that, and hey!!! 3 fucking years and I love you more than ever now! No pictures though, the lighting at the steakhouse was horrible.

On another day, we went to Mount Seymour! Doesn't it look pretty??? Erm, yes, it was already late spring and snow was still there! But people couldn't ski anymore though.

And this is us at Whistler, where the Winter Olympic rings of 2010 were. Here we are, posing with the rings! Hahahahah

And then we left for a different park, where there was this suspension bridge! 

I swear walking on the bridge was really scary! It could sway from one side to another and there are no other places of support except for the two ends of the bridges. It was also very steep towards the ends of the bridge! This is not the Capilano suspension bridge, it was a smaller bridge in a nature park, and my cousin thought would be more interesting than the Capilano one, which was more commercialized.

No other country can beat Canada when it comes to nature. They have lush trees and forests almost everywhere! You can hike up a small mountain anytime during the summer and it is just pretty damn awesome to be able to see snow capped mountains in the background. 

So here, I went out with my aunt, my cousin, mommy, and Zhengyu to Granville Island! It is a quaint little island with its own brewery and a small market! We decided that we would enjoy some snacks there and I seriously loved my toffee nut latte (not in the picture), so much so I think I want to go back there for the same drink again!!! We also had blueberry/raspberry scones, pear tarts, perogies, and macaroons! Now I am hungry...........DAMN! The pastries all look so pretty, no??

After that, we started our 3 weeks long road trip to USA!!! 

We stayed over in Roseburg, OR for a night, but there was nothing much there, it was pretty much just traveling on the car the whole time. My uncle drove, and all I have to say is, thank you X infinity!!!

After Roseburg, we found ourselves in San Francisco! It was really weird because San Francisco was foggy and cold, even colder than Vancouver! Usually, it's not like that at that time of the year... But it was when we were there, so...lucky us!

Here's a view from our apartment window!!! Isn't it amazing! We had the nicest host ever, thank you Maribel, and we all loved the apartment very much :)

Downtown San Francisco! Cable car! This is their extremely famous cable car which goes up and down the streets, and to the famous fisherman's wharf and Lombard street (which will be mentioned slightly later)!

Here I am, some where NEAR the wharf, not at the wharf! Just chillin' in front of some boats! LOL. I bought that sweater I was wearing for Zy, but it was so cold and I didn't have any sweaters, so I wore it before he could wear it. Oops. Sorry baby! 

Some street near Fisherman's Wharf that looked nice! Hahaha

My daddy decided that we should go on a 2 hour sightseeing cruise, while my mommy and uncle (who went on this cruise before) went shopping and walked around elsewhere. 

Did I mention that it was very windy??? HAHAH Look at my hair!!!!!

So many sealions residing here, they just were hanging and swagging out like bosses on the platform. They came and never left. Okay, they left the platform, but they always came back again. Hahahah

The gorgeous night view from our apartment! What's not to like about the apartment?!?

And here's the second day!!! Here's me at Lombard Street (if you were paying attention I was talking about this earlier!). What's so special about this street?? It is a street that is literally zigzagged. Cars have to make sharp turns and go left and right and left and right to get to the bottom of the street. You can see the streets from the background of the pictures (hopefully)! 

So ya, here's me at Lombard Street with some person at the side, and my bag very unglamorously left open. So.......

..... Zy (I assume it was zy, or my daddy) cut everything unsightly out. Teehee! 

Hi baby, if you're reading this I love you, and look! Look! I don't know why when the camera snaps and takes the picture, more often than not, you will close your eyes! It happens so often and I never upload pictures here because you have your eyes closed. So nice of me, eh??? ;) Next time I shall compile a list of pictures where you have your eyes closed in the pictures! You are too cute, my cutie pie!!!!!!!


Le parents! Forever YOUNG!!!

And here's all 4 of us! Yay!

After that, we went to Chinatown because apparently, the Chinatown in SF has the biggest Chinese community in North America and blah blah. It was quite extensive, and we had good dim sum!!! I was happy, since I didn't have a lot of dim sum in Canada! Baby looking happy! :)

Oh dammit, where was this.........??? It was another famous street, but I honestly can't remember the name. I remember just taking pictures there and then leaving because it was cold and windy and we were all kinda hungry. Hahahahah oops!

We left for Los Angeles (or more like Anaheim) the day after! And that will be in my next post! :)

So there you have it, the first part of my USA trip with my family and my beloved bf! Teehee!


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