Monday, August 12, 2013


Hello everybody!!!

Right now, I am feeling really inspired and I want to start this blog up again! It is not like my blog was ever dead, but I want to put more commitment into it, and I will be posting properly and regularly this time! I am really excited about it and after my final exams, I want to give this space a nice little revamp! I am making my first step of change!  

First thing I want to change is it's name and the quote - destroy what destroys you. I love mynameiscand (and the quote), but its time for a change. So, instead of blogging at mynameiscand, I want to rename my blog cutheties - which I feel is more appropriate since it is in line with my twitter, facebook, and instagram personalities. I also want to change the quote and I am thinking of either having it removed completely or having a completely different slogan that is completely mine. I am excited for this change but at the same time, I am definitely going to miss mynameiscand. 

My plans for this blog is to turn it into a fashion/lifestyle themed blog, where I will be writing and posting my outfits, inspirations, travel diaries, dining diaries etc... I mean that's pretty much what my blog has been about so far, but I want to do outfit posts more often, and write a lot more about fashion. My blog has been pretty boring and dead, but stay tuned! Hopefully I will be able to churn out something nice and worth reading! 

Why the sudden motivation? I have been thinking about what I really want to do with my life. I am majoring in Economics in the University of Victoria, but I am not sure if I want a desk job at the bank, even though it does seems like a good plan. It's not that I don't have interest in Economics at all, I just think I might be more suitable for a job that requires me to constantly updated, constantly moving. After thinking through this, I thought what what I really liked, and decided on these 4 elements. I like writing (albeit my English isn't that good), I like fashion, I like food, and I like travel. When I was in my stage of confusion I asked a couple of friends what I should do and one of them suggested I start writing properly on a platform. Well, we did talk about a lot of other jobs ranging from being a newscaster to being a politician... So my options were pretty much very wide open and I guess out of all the jobs that were suggested to me, I personally wanted to try writing out. So here I am! Besides, I was also inspired by some fashion bloggers (lusttforlife, paledivision, etc). And not forgetting about the fact that I have to put my camera to good use! 

I wonder where to start, but this is something I figured I really want to do, so wish me luck! And see you folks after my exams!!!


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  1. YOU KNOW I ALWAYS GOT YOUR BACK CAND! I am really happy for your new milestone in life and I feel so sad that only now I read this! But Cheers to both of us and love you baby!